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Theosophical Society

Theosophical Society (TS) – The earth is getting better?
Is the world and earth becoming a better place to live? According to the Theosophical Society (TS) it is. They profess that human evolution has been steadily progressing over the last 18 million years and will continue to do so through innate and eternal human effort until the state of ultimate perfection and utopia is finished. Yet the fact is, this is not reality. There is absolutely no evidence of truth that the world is getting better, but only worse as the Bible clearly teaches.

Theosophical Society – The Beliefs
The Theosophical Society is nothing more than a hypothetical modern form of Hindu and Buddha philosophy of re-incarnation which states that “God and man are the two phases of the eternal life and consciousness that constitutes our universe. . .” God is considered the universe, the “impersonal It” and individual man is eternally evolving in divine attributes and power ultimately becoming the incarnate personage of God.

  • Denouncement of Christ -Theosophist’s proudly denounce the sovereign authority of Christ, asserting that man is God in the making through his individual innate and divine effort thus a Savior and salvation is not necessary. Faith is inferior to knowledge.

  • Claiming to be God -Theosophists teach that humans, in physical body, and in spirit body and soul consciousness, are an eternal pre-existent portion of God and that over time they are ultimately absorbed into the fullness of “It,” complete oneness with the universe and beyond. Theosophy teaches that humans are God in person and a “god” in the making. The Buddhist call this “nirvana.”

  • Multiple Reincarnations, Multiple Bodies, Multiple “Planes” -Theosophist’s teach that a human soul begins each reincarnate birth having a “trinity” of bodies in one, physical, and two invisible bodies, astral, and mental. During Yoga or sleep, the astral and mental bodies leave the physical and dwell in the astral world, gaining deeper knowledge allowing him to advance in his evolution toward perfection.

  • Death and the Intermediate State -Between each concurrent reincarnation, they claim that a person’s soul experiences a type of hell called “Kamaloka,” an intermediate state of existence somewhere in the gloomy outer darkness to suffer for their past sins. There, they await another reincarnation to live in a new physical body on earth.

  • Finished Product of Human Evolution -Theosophists teach that man becomes a finished product of human evolution after completing at least seven multiple reincarnations, and seven multiple spiritual realms or “planes” of enlightenment and personal achievement. When they reach the finish line, a place like heaven awaits them called “Devachan.” Here, their soul and mental body is absorbed into the totality of the universe and beyond, and that their astral body and former physical bodies become nonexistent. In essence, humans become the universe-God in person.

  • Incarnation of Theosophists -Theosophy declares that when a person attains the fullness of God, they incarnate themselves within a Theosophist who then becomes a world teacher, who then becomes another Christ on earth. This implies that there is always at least one incarnate God, clothed in flesh, dwelling with humans on earth through out each new era of time.

Theosophical Society - Objectives of the Great Brotherhood
Theosophist members claim there is a great brotherhood of teachers from Tibet who are led by one supreme teacher. Members follow their teachings and in essence worship them as their teacher of higher essence believing they have divine attributes, and astral and mental power. The Societies doctrines are complex and suggestive but their membership requirement is simple and alluring with only three objectives:

  • “to form a nucleus of the brotherhood of humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color.
  • to encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, and science.
  • to investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the power latent to man.”1
The Theosophical Society profess to be a brotherhood of all faiths. They acknowledge all religious, philosophical, and scientific and environmental groups for being contributing agents to the world’s goodness and progress. However, they require loyal members to learn and progress beyond their limited and earthly primitive knowledge and reasoning which they say is accomplished only after receiving extensive Theosophical enlightenment and multiple reincarnated lives of training and practice.

Theosophical Society - Origin of Theosophy
As innocent as they make it sound, the Theosophist’s ulterior motive is to mimic eastern religion in origin and theology, Gnostic in thought, and Christian only in key terminology.

Theosophy is imaginatively complex with unsubstantiated and improvable theory causing a never ending dependence upon followers to cling to a select group of devout TS teachers, but to the point of intellectual mind control and spiritual bondage.

Their foundational beliefs are also based upon a close similarity of a 2000-year-old heresy called Gnosticism of which TS members are great admires. It is important to remember that the third century Gnostics were false teachers and Christ’s apostle fought them continually to keep them from damaging and separating the Church. The biblical book of 1 John and Paul’s letter to the Colossians extents a crucial warning to avoid such teaching.

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1 JH Russell, in Theosophy: The New Shaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1977 (repr.), vol 11, p. 408.

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