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Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society

QUESTION: What is the Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society?


In 1888, Madam Blavatsky founded the Esoteric School of Theosophy Society in London from where she wrote her literary work entitled, The Secret Doctrine. Knowledge and understanding of this secret doctrine is restricted to a small group of the most loyal and evolved Theosophist who refer to it as inspired interpretations and instructions. The doctrinal writings are by no means biblical.

The mysterious content of the two volume book includes the origin of the universe and earth, the origins of humanity through five “Root Races,” and explanation of her racial theories. Blavatsky planned to publish a third and a fourth volume of The Secret Doctrine, but after her death a controversial third volume of the Secret Doctrine was published by Annie Besant, a devout follower.

The first part of the book, explains the origins of the universe and the ions of time through which the world is supposed to have evolved. Blavatsky attempted to show that the discoveries of "materialist" science had been anticipated in ancient times with the prediction that materialism would be proven wrong.

In the second half of the book she describes the origins of humanity dating back millions of years. From the beginning to present she describes five different "Root Races." The first being from the spirit realm, the second lived on earth in a place called Hyperborea, the third in Lemuria, the fourth in Atlantis, and the fifth (called the Ayran race). She suggests this race is currently living and has been so for the last one million years.

In the second volume of The Secret Doctrine, she dedicates it to her racial theories. She claimed the human race has been evolving over the last 18 million years and that each “root race” becomes, through reincarnations, more highly evolved intellectually and spiritually. She speculates that there are remnants of some of the “root races” on earth left today who are less fully human or spiritual than the present day human race of "Aryans."

For example, Blavatsky states that, "The MONADS of the lowest specimens of humanity (the "narrow-brained" savage South-Sea Islander, the African, the Australian) had no Karma to work out when first born as men, as their more favoured brethren in intelligence had" (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2, p 168).

She also prophesies of the destruction of the racial "failures of nature" as the "higher race" ascends.

She also connects physical race with spiritual attributes constantly throughout her works:
    "Esoteric history teaches that mankind, race after race, perform its appointed cycle-pilgrimage. Climates will, and have already begun, to change, each tropical year after the other dropping one sub-race, but only to beget another higher race on the ascending cycle; while a series of other less favoured groups -- the failures of nature -- will, like some individual men, vanish from the human family without even leaving a trace behind" (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2, p 446).
It is interesting that on one hand Blavatsky teaches that some humans are a superior race over others while other quotes from her writings show her strong belief in an universal brotherhood of humanity. The fundamental teaching of Theosophy is that there is equality not inequality for all humans and that "mankind is essentially of one and the same essence.”

Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society – Conclusion
From a Christian perspective this so called “esoteric secret doctrine” is concealed in vague symbols that require some sort of special “insight” to grasp. The insight is limited to one “guru” who claims to have supernatural revelation about the mystery of the universe. The doctrine is so “esoteric” the “guru” didn't even understand it. It is nothing more than absurdity filled with speculation and unintelligible statements.

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