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Meher Baba

What is Meher Baba?
Meher Baba, as he was known throughout the world, was born with the name Merwan Sheriar Irani on February 25, 1894 into a Persian family and raised by his parents of Zoroastrian faith. While attending college, Meher Baba would meet the first of the five spiritual “Perfect Masters,” one of which was Hazrat Babajan. They would influence and guide him to the realization of his true destiny.

Babajan was an ancient Mohammedan woman, who was believed to possess the capabilities to foresee and announce God’s next direct descendant in human form at the beginning of each Avateric Age. It is believed that when Babajan kissed Meher’s forehead upon their meeting that he became aware of his true spiritual purpose as the Avatar (or God in human form). The other four “Perfect Masters” helped Meher Baba to stay earthly and physically minded while maintaining oneness with God.

What does Meher Baba teach?
Meher Baba’s teachings to his followers (mandali) and others are based on the following:

  • To concentrate on God’s love
  • Moral discipline
  • Spiritual understanding
  • Selfless service
  • Maintain equilibrium of natural and honest behavior
  • Along with hard work and discipline, time was allowed for games, relaxation, and happiness in Meher’s presence
Meher Baba created his own community called Meherabad. Within his self established community, he created and removed many different societal programs at random, even at the questioning and disbelief of his own mandali. When he was questioned on his actions, he would tell them they didn’t need to understand except that the actions would eventually benefit humankind.

Meher Baba proclaims himself as the Christ.
Meher Baba continued his teachings through travel and communicated to only his mandali using hand gestures. In his travels, Meher Baba:

  • Was in two different severe car accidents that Meher compared to as the equivalent of Christ’s crucifixion and shedding of blood. He said that he had sacrificed his own mortal body to unite the world.
  • Declared that he was the “Ancient One” or God of the age. He came not to give, but to take away mankind’s afflictions and help humanity to realize its true self as being God.

What the Bible has to say about Meher Baba.
Knowing about the life and cult style beliefs of Meher Baba and his mandali, let’s look at the truth about God and Christianity as compared with the teachings of Meher Baba. Meher Baba was not the “Ancient One,” “Avatar of the Age,” or God’s direct descendant in human form. God’s only direct descendant in whom we all may be saved by is Jesus Christ. The Bible says that there are no others through which we can be saved, and no other gods can give life. “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me’” (John 14:6).

Since Jesus is the only Son of God and the only direct descendant, then Meher Baba and all the other self-proclaimed Avatars are false. Matthew 24:24 states, “For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect -- if that were possible.”

"Therefore let all Israel be assured of this: God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ" (Acts 2:36).

Unlike Meher Baba, who was a mere human and died, Christians are not led by a worldly leader. But instead, Jesus Christ had risen from the dead and ascended into heaven. He lives inside of those who ask Him to forgive them of their sins and accept Him as their savior through the Holy Spirit. “You, however, are controlled not by the sinful nature but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ” (Romans 8:9).

The Bible spells out God’s love once and for all by stating, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). As humans, we were once sinners. But upon accepting Jesus Christ into our heart and confessing with our mouth that He is our Lord and Savior, we shall live with Him forever in heaven after we die. We cannot be of this world and proclaim that we are God like Meher Baba claimed. There is only one God, God the Father in heaven. Would you be willing to accept life today and follow Jesus Christ instead of another man who proclaims to be God.

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What do you think?
We have all sinned and deserve God’s judgment. God, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus, the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior, declaring, "Jesus is Lord," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.

What is your response?

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