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Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce - Who Was He?
Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was a well-known "psychic" and "prophet" in the U.S. for many years. His psychic specialty was medical diagnosis and reading past lives. He was referred to as the "sleeping prophet," since many of his "readings" and "predictions" were allegedly received while in a sleep-like trance. Cayce supposedly derived his "powers" by tapping into some unknown "higher consciousness."

Edgar Cayce - His Prophetic Record
Outside his private "psychic" practice, Edgar Cayce was notorious for many tabloid press predictions such as California falling into the Pacific, New York City being destroyed by some sort of disaster, and the secret of Atlantis and its great energy crystal being unveiled by the U.S. government. His followers maintain that he had prophecy successes too, including the Great Depression and the Lindbergh kidnapping, but those are suspect at best. There are many other urban legends attached to Cayce and his life. Supposedly, he received his prophetic gift when visited by an angel at the age of 13. Also, many of his followers held that he could retain the contents of books by placing them under his pillow at night.

Although Edgar Cayce wasn't formally educated, he worked in bookstores for years and was known as a big reader. He was also known for his major interest in books on the occult and folk medicine. Although he died over half a century ago, Cayce still has followers who maintain thousands of his notes, readings and "medical records" at the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Edgar Cayce - Why Do We Care?
What's the infatuation with tabloid prophets and psychic legends like Edgar Cayce? Why do so many people acknowledge the metaphysical realm through practicing the bizarre, rather than checking out the historical mainstream? Whenever a major world event happens, people love the hype of prophecy. The tabloids love to showcase the ancient (and not-so-ancient) predictions of Nostradamus, Jean Dixon and Edgar Cayce. Why would anyone care to read this stuff, when most of their prior predictions have proven false anyway?

Well, some of us might be surprised to discover that the prophecies of the Bible are different than those of Edgar Cayce and the other urban legends. In fact, the Bible doesn't allow for predictive hits and misses. The Bible uses fulfilled prophecy as its own test for divine inspiration - and it requires 100% accuracy! That means no predictive failures whatsoever! Wow, that's really remarkable. 100%. No misses. Let that sink in… Would the multi-billion dollar gambling and lottery industries exist today if people could legitimately and consistently tell the future? We don't think so! Of course, the power in the Bible's 100% fulfillment standard is directly proportional to the number of prophecies declared in the Bible. Obviously, 100% of two isn't that staggering… How about over 600 that have been fulfilled in the secular, historical record - with no misses?!! Take the challenge and check them out for yourself!

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