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Religious Cults and Sects

QUESTION: How do religious cults and sects view God, Jesus, and the Bible?


We can tell a lot about religious cults and sects by how they view God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. We have listed several cults and their views below:

  • Baha'i views God as unknowable and unable to incarnate Himself. Jesus returned as Baha'u'llah. Religious truth is relative.
  • Edgar Cayce views God as pantheistic and as an impersonal force. Jesus is only a man who attained Christ consciousness. The Bible is only one of many holy books.
  • Christadelphians have a Unitarian view of God and hold that Jesus was a created being who needed redemption. The Bible is held as the Word of God.
  • Christian Science believes that God is everything, Jesus is a highly enlightened Christian Scientist, and the Bible is able to be correctly interpreted by Science and Heath with Key to the Scriptures.
  • Church Universal and Triumphant views God as an impersonal energy, Jesus as a evolved spirit guide, and the Bible as historically unreliable.
  • Jehovah's Witness claim God is unipersonal, Jesus is a created angel, and the Bible is only correct when interpreted by the Watchtower Society.
  • Freemasonry views God as Unitarian and pantheistic, Jesus as a supremely good man, and the Bible as a symbol of the divine will.
  • Mormons define God as an exalted physical man, Jesus as "Jehovah" of the Old Testament, and the Bible as authoritative only when it agrees with Mormon theology.
  • The Mighty I AM sees God as an impersonal force, principle, energy. Jesus is an ascended master, and the Bible subordinate to new revelations.
  • New Thought claims God is universal law, Jesus is a good man, and the Bible is a relevant text when interpreted along with New Thought principles.
  • Religious Science views God as an impersonal mind, Jesus as a great man who became "Christ-conscious," and the Bible is one of many sacred scriptures.
  • Scientology proclaims God as purposefully undefined, Jesus as One invented by the church, and the Bible is accepted as one of the world's religious books, but nothing more.
  • The Unification Church views God as divine energy, Jesus as a special creation of God, and the Bible as one of God's revelations. The Bible has since been replaced Moon's revelations.
  • Unitarian Universalism sees God as undefined and Jesus as a good man. The Bible is a fallible book.
  • Unity School of Christianity claims God is an impersonal principle and infinite mind. Jesus (The Christ) is the inner self of every person and the Bible (when interpreted by Unity) is the most advanced of mankind's religious Scriptures.
  • The Way International sees God as one divine person, Jesus as the created Son of God (not God the Son), and the Bible as the Word of God (when interpreted by Wierwille).
  • Zen views God as the Absolute (the void), Jesus as a good man (no Savior is necessary), and they do not have any authoritative scripture.
For more detailed information of these cults and several cults not mentioned in this article, please consult the following resources. Information in this content was taken from these sources:
Encyclopedia of Cults and New Religions, published by Harvest House Publishers.
Kingdom of the Cults, published by Bethany House Publishers.

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