Unity Religion

What does the Unity religion believe about Jesus Christ?

Unity religion believes that Jesus Christ is represented in the "outer" man through the person Jesus of Nazareth and the "inner" man through the Christ, the spiritual identity of Jesus. According to their beliefs, Jesus of Nazareth was the physical representation of what we can achieve in our lives. The way He lived His life is the pathway to attain divine awareness.

Unity religion believes that every person has Jesus Christ in them; through Him one is able to bring forth the Christ within, to achieve the true self, perfection. Hence, Jesus Christ is a state of mind, a divine awareness.

"Each of us has within him the Christ, just as Jesus had, and we must look within to recognize and realize our sonship, our divine origin and birth, even as He did. By continually unifying ourselves with the Highest by our thoughts and words, we too shall become sons of God, manifest" (Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, p. 150).

Unity religion believes that through the death and resurrection, Jesus proved the power within each person to be able to achieve a higher consciousness. They believe one can become purified, spiritualized, and redeemed to the very state that Jesus achieved. Since Unity does not believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus was for the redemption of sin, they do not see Jesus Christ as Savior.

The Jesus Christ that Unity School of Christianity believes in is not the Jesus Christ of the Bible. Instead, their Jesus is an invention of the founder of Unity, Charles Fillmore. Upon biblical study, you will find that Jesus is not "Christ-consciousness," He is Christ - fully God and Savior of the world.

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