Science of the Mind Church

What are the teachings of the Science of the Mind Church?

The Science of the Mind Church teaches the methods of attunement to the Divine God. First and most important, one must choose God/Good. As the individual turns toward the light, the shadows of his life disappear, transforming him. His life blossoms and grows through tuning his intelligence to the way and the light. Before he can truly know God, however, seven tools must transform him:
  1. Meditation: The many forms of meditation allow a person to withdraw attention from external things by consciously focusing on an object: breath, candle, sound, word, etc. Such focus is supposed to reduce random, mind-cluttering thoughts.
  2. Goal Setting and Planning is a person deciding what she wants to achieve, and then using step-by-step plans to achieve it. She can take pride in achieving those goals, raising her self-confidence in her ability and competence.
  3. Affirmative Prayer is supposedly the way Jesus taught to pray. The five-step process involves recognition (“Great Spirit is everything, flows through everything”); unification (“Great Spirit flows through me, I am one with Great Spirit”); realization (“I open up to accept and receive wisdom, beauty, love, and harmony into my life”); thanksgiving (“I give thanks for this with utmost gratitude”); release (“I release this into the hands of Great Spirit”).
  4. Affirmations or Right Speech: Powerful words are like seeds. Beautiful seeds planted produce positive and loving results, whereas bitters seeds reap negative and hateful results. Speech creates your reality/life; hence, speaking positively about desires and other people is fruitful.
  5. Contemplation is thinking deeply on a subject such as spiritual/religious texts, nature, music. Because all that is taken into consciousness is contemplation, a person should choose wisely what he reads, watches, and listens to.
  6. Visualization is directing the imagination. The mind’s eye envisions its desire, and the body unites to achieve the goal.
  7. Journaling helps to track the development of consciousness. By keeping records, a person can visually see the results of his journey. Journaling enables goals and plans to be reached.

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