Masonic Lodge

Is it okay to join a Masonic lodge?

The answer to this question depends on what you believe. Do your beliefs line up with those of the Masonic Lodge or do you believe the Bible?

When a man takes the oath of the Masonic Lodge, he is:
  • Agreeing to teachings (in God's name) which are sinful and false according to the Bible.

  • Declaring that salvation is obtained by doing good works, which is biblically untrue.

  • Stating that the Bible is merely a symbol and not the literal Word of God.

  • Swearing that Jesus is just a prophet, which is heresy.

  • Agreeing not to speak of Jesus Christ in the Lodge.

  • Swearing that the God of the Bible is the "God" of all religions.

  • Agreeing that worship can be accepted by God without Jesus Christ as Mediator.

  • Declaring a false gospel to other Lodge members.

  • Filling his mind with false doctrine, false worship, and false gods.

  • Participating in occult and mysticism which is strictly prohibited in God's Word.
You need to decide if you want to join the Masons and contradict the clear doctrine of the Bible. We encourage you to continue reading to learn more about this organization of deception.

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